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Air Duct Cleaning


Air Duct Cleaning Tampa

Air Duct Cleaning Tampa

Welcome to our page dedicated to air duct cleaning Tampa. This page is designed to be informative and help you understand the importance of air duct cleaning. First and foremost, let us just admit that we live busy lives. Therefore, whether or not we have clean air ducts is one of the last things on our mind. Most people can’t even remember the last time their air ducts were cleaned. Many of us can’t even recall is anything has ever been done to the air ducts within our home. As individuals, we spend a lot of time and money taking steps to stay healthy. However, people never think of having their air ducts cleaned as a critical part of maintaining their health. We are here to let you know, air ducts have a very direct impact on our our health. Fifty percent of all illnesses are either caused or perpetuated by indoor air pollution. Stay healthy, hire us for air duct cleaning Tampa. There are a large number of other benefits to having air ducts cleaned. Having your air ducts cleaned will save you money on your energy bills. Moreover, it can also save you thousands in AC repair costs.

Quick Facts

  • Indoor air has been found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Let’s delve into this a little bit deeper. Why is indoor air more polluted than outdoor air? First of all, your air conditioner pulls in air from outside. The same polluted air outside is pulled into your home where most AC filters only catch a small portion of the pollutants. Then, your HVAC supply ducts push those same pollutants throughout your house where they settle on all of the surfaces. Next, those pollutants make their way back into the return ducts to start the same cycle over again. If you are not taking proper steps to have your carpet cleaned and air ducts cleaned thoroughly, you are breathing in a thick layer of toxic pollutants.

  • Yikes! Mold!
  • The high percentage of humidity in Tampa is a hot bed for mold spores to grow within your air ducts. Mold only needs a humidity percentage of fifty-five percentage or higher to grow. Tampa is one of the most humid cities in the entire United States. There are only two months out of the entire year when we have humidity levels below fifty five percent. Basically Tampa properties are an ideal environment for mold growth. It is not just the outside air you need to worry about either. When you take a shower and your air conditioner is running, the steam will be sucked into the return AC ducts. Those ducts are dark. When you combine a dark area, moisture, and dust it is pretty much a party for mold spores. Those mold spores will cause you to get sick far more often. Additionally, they will also keep you sick longer. Furthermore, air pollutants will impact your mental health too. You need air duct cleaning Tampa, it is extremely important. Getting sick will have a direct impact on your income when you miss work due to illness. It might sound silly, but when you think about it, you can actually make more money by having your air ducts cleaned.

    The Negative Impact on Children and Infants
  • Children and infants are more likely to be affected by polluted indoor air than adults. This is due to the fact that they breathe more rapidly than adults. Additionally, their lungs have a higher absorption rate than adults. Furthermore, they are closer to the floor surfaces where most dust and pollutants settle. Those pollutants and irritants can be in much higher concentrations on your floor.

  • Save Thousands!
  • One of the number one causes for AC damage is dust! That’s right dust! Dust gets caught in your AC air filter which reduces the amount of airflow to your system. Your AC unit is designed to have an exact amount of air pass through it. The fan outside on your air conditioner blows air over your refrigerant supply line and Ac condenser. When there is not enough air passsing through the system it can cause your AC condenser and refrigerant supply line to freeze. When it freezes, it can cause permanent damage to the condenser coils. That will lead to some really expensive AC repairs costs. Condenser replacements can go into the thousands of dollars depending upon your type and age of your AC unit. Spending a few bucks on duct cleaning Tampa, can save you thousands.

Indoor Air Quality and Air Duct Cleaning

Living in Tampa means that we have to work a little harder to maintain a healthy air quality. We will work hard to ensure you have a higher quality of indoor air. Our air duct cleaning services will remove harmful molds, fungus and microbes from an infected system. Dynamic Carpet Care is the best company to hire for air duct cleaning Tampa. We are thorough, affordable and care about your health.

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